CA-250 EQ for 500 series

Introducing the CA-250 EQ

Based on one of the first fully parametric equalizers from the 70‘s, the CA-250 pays homage to a design highly regarded by mastering engineers for its versatility and polished sound.

Our 500 Series adaptation will quickly become an indispensable tool in your studio, whether it’s for finalizing your mixes with a pair of CA-250’s on the stereo bus or surgically removing unwanted frequencies from your recordings.

Available now for only $399.99 USD.





Carefully built and tested
in Montreal Canada.

Lunchbox Module

Compatible with all
500 series rack.

High Quality Components

WIMA Capacitors &
Burr-Brown Opamp

” I’ve only had a short while to test them on some stereo material I use to test all new gear, but first impressions are very positive. The EQs are very smooth, and really seem to get inside and work with the audio somehow (especially in an MS matrix). Very natural sound. Ultra-quiet, too – a really pro piece of gear! “

Andy Logan, UK



This is a quick demonstration of the CA-250 parametric equalizer in a mixing context. A single CA-250 was used to shape each instrument so they blend together to create a well balanced mix. Besides volume adjustment and panning, no further processing was done on the final mix.





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for $399.99 USD



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